Madrone Hill Ranch offers opportunities to horse enthusiasts of all ages. If someone is up against financial barriers, they have the option to help out at the ranch in exchange for riding lessons and, once they are established, various privileges. We have a variety of people taking advantage of this program, including several youth. Horses offer many important life lessons as well as being incredibly therapeutic. They help children (and adults) feel a sense of purpose; empowerment; discipline and responsibility; and teach them patience and understanding, including the all important lesson of considering others (ie. what drives different behaviors and how might that particular person or animal be feeling?) Being involved with horses gets people outside and active as well.

Of course we are also a business, as we do need to support our ranch in order to be able to provide these opportunities. We offer riding lessons as well as horse training. This year we are putting on our annual 6-day Youth Dressage Camp, offered to our young students.

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These students are focused, responsible, disciplined youngsters who have learned to handle and ride horses with tact, kindness and subtlety. This type of horsemanship, known as "Dressage", is the equivalent to a serious musician taking piano lessons, or a serious dancer taking ballet as the best foundation in their subject of interest. We are keeping the cost extremely low (about one third of the cost of other similar horse camps in this area). In order to pull this off we are asking for donations/sponsorships. $300/each includes all meals, use of horses if needed (some have their own horses), daily educational lectures and activities, riding lessons, and a show (with awards) on the last day of the camp. Lectures range from veterinarian care, horse behavior, hands-on demonstrations regarding bio-mechanics of horse and rider, to name a few.
Your donation/sponsorship towards our camp would be greatly appreciated by us as well as our very deserving students, as they look forward to it all year. We can also use food donations as well as things that could be used as awards for the end of the week show, or used as gifts for the campers. For donations over $50 Madrone Hill Ranch will provide your company information on our website. If you sponsored our camp last year , your information is still on our website, and we will leave it there. We will be updating that part of our website to reflect current sponsors. To make a donation towards the camp, you can do so in person or by mail. To arrange an ad on the website, you may also do so in person, or contact me - Sonja Biada, at (541) 840-5914 or Email.
Thank you for your consideration in helping these young riders participate in this wonderful opportunity.
Sonja Biada


Youth Dressage Camp Schedule - Currently Updating. Coming Soon