There are various opportunities here at Madrone Hill Ranch. Many people want to get involved with horses and learn to ride, or improve their riding and horsemanship skills. Some are not able to include this in their budget. We offer the following opportunities for those who would like to work here at the ranch in exchange for lessons, experience and exposure (subject to availability):

Working Student: This position is great for someone who either wants to enhance their skills with their horses, or someone who would like to learn enough to either own a horse one day and/or possibly become a trainer or instructor.

A working student is someone who does everything from preparing feed supplements and cleaning tack to tacking-up and longing horses for the trainer. In trade the working student gets training in every aspect of horsemanship, including scheduled riding lessons. The further along the student comes in their riding skills, the more riding is involved in their daily tasks. Some working students evolve to riding multiple horses in a day. The more you are here, the more you learn. There is no age limit for this position, although it is best if the person is over 12 years of age. Some experience is preferred. View Working Student's

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assistant horse trainers


This is a position that must be earned by first working as a "working student" for at least one year. Riding and handling skills must excel to a level worthy of this title. The assistant trainer does not train the horses in place of the trainer, but assists with those horses and also schools the horses owned by the trainer.

Assistant trainers will ride horses in training on occasion, as a means to further the horse's ability to respond to different riders. This is typically done under the direct supervision of the trainer.


There is about 2-1/2 to 3 hours worth of work to be done daily in order to keep the stalls and paddocks clean. We offer a generous trade rate for this work. Once you have enough hours to equal the cost of a lesson you can schedule one.

You can arrange your schedule so you are able to ride and have a lesson on regular basis.

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